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Model no.: HEC7028 with HRC-05
Daylight Monitoring Function
Tri-level Control  (Corridor Function)
LED Current Selections
LED Maximum Load and Voltage

Technical Data

Operating voltage : 220~240VAC,  50/60Hz
Input current: 0.15-0.14A
Input power: 32.5W (Max.)
Warm time: 20s
Detection area: 100%/50%/10% on RC
Hold time: TEST 2s/30S/1min/5min/10min/30min on RC
Daylight threshold:  2Lux/ 10Lux/50Lux/Lux disable on RC
Standby period: 0s/10s/1min/10min/30min/+ on RC
Standby dimming level: 10%/20%/30%  on RC
Microwave frequency: 5.8GHz +/- 75 MHz
Microwave power: <0.2mW
Detection range: Max. (ΦXH)8m X 5m
Detection angle: 30 ° ~ 150 °
Mounting height: Max. 5m
Output LED current: 350mA/500mA/550mA/700mA/750mA/900mA
Output LED voltage: 10~48V(350mA); 10~48V(500mA); 10~46V(550mA); 10~40V(700mA);10~37V(750mA); 10~31V(900mA)
Output LED power: 3.5~17W(350mA); 5~24W(500mA) ;5.5~25W(550mA);  7~28W(700mA);7~28W(750mA); 9~28W(900mA)
Empty load voltage: 60V
Power factor: 0.90
Efficiency: 85% (Max)
Operating temperature : -20 ~ +50 TC: 75
Abnormal protection: Output short-circuit protection with auto-reset
EMC standard: EN55015, EN61547
Safety standard: EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13
Certification: Semko, CB, EMC, CE, r&tte, SAA
Dielectric strength: Inputoutput:3750VAC /5mA/1min
IP rating: IP20

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